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Why is it so hard to sell?

Granted, I only opened up my Etsy shop a week or so ago, but as most people do I'm sure, I had these huge dreams that I would be an instant success, and sell out and oh my goodness how will I keep up with demand? While I am confident in the quality of my stuff, I am not having the success I had hoped. It's hard to even get views, and when I do, I still haven't sold anything. I try to keep prices very reasonable, but I have actually heard that can work against me.. I was tempted to give up (yes after a week- I am easily embarrassed and discouraged)  but my husband told me not to. I start to get things into my head like, "what if I'm not as good as I think?" "maybe people don't like me'" (even tho they don't know me.) Now I'm at the point of do I waste money and post more, or just let it ride out till my listings expire? *sigh* I don't want to give up because I have wanted this for so long and it took me a while to have the confidence to try, now my confidence is low again. I guess you shouldn't put so much faith in your fantasies. :)

James got a job hauling water overnight. So he sleeps all day. Gone all night. I can't wait until they can move him to days. I miss my husband! But at least he has a job. Every time I want to complain I have to remind myself that we are actually QUITE fortunate!

Dani is so big. She says something new everyday. She is quite amazing when she isn't being annoying. haha. I will put her in preschool this year. I know it will be hard for me but she is in desperate need of some contact with other children besides her little bro. I still have not met anyone here, so not only does she not have friends, but I don't either. It can be lonely, but I love my family. It's not terrible spending so much time with them. 

Little James is just a darling. He is a screamer. I don't understand why, but that is his favorite form of communication lately, so... I know he's going to be walking any day now. I'm sure he could now, but he has this look of fear when he comes close to letting go so he's ot quite there. You should see him smile... 

Okay, I really need to go grocery shopping, that was the real goal for today. I just wanted to get a blog up in case someone wants to follow me. lol. Because I am so interesting after all. I'll try to be here everyday.  


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